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Easy solution to book instantly or schedule future appointments with text notifications as to when your hand-selected provider will arrive

Here or There

Options for in-office appointments with multi services offered by more traditional facilities featured in our robust ‘Directory’ of providers with exclusive promotions and discounts for THRIVINU wellness community

The Perfect Fit

Consistent level of service with our trusted provider community rated by you! Read ratings and reviews of each nearby provider before scheduling service to find the right fit.

In This Together

Access to our comprehensive wellness community of providers who are passionate and supportive about your wellness experience to help you make informed choices regarding your health

Expand Your Reach

Put your business in front of millions of people in their home or at your office

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Mobile First

Be the best you, anywhere, anytime with the ThrivinU mobile app.

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Full Description

No more guessing what a place is about, with our full descriptions on every facility, you will know exactly what you are getting.


We built a wellness app to connect you to a trusted wellness community to book appointments on the fly or schedule in advance in the privacy of your own home or in office in your community, and around the world.

We offer an array of categories to look and feel your best! We have merged traditional medicine, beauty, fitness with naturothapy and IV Vitamin drips with in home option for the luxury and convenience to live your best!

Our core values are to operate with authenticity, quality, and generosity. ThrivinU is built by our community, for our community!




What you eat will either support good health or potentially feed disease. Learn from a nutritional professional how to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness through diet. Have your healthy meals delivered directly to you door. Eat to live instead of living to eat.


Revive your body’s natural yin and yang with freedom to choose your favorite therapist for massage, and acupuncture to come to your home or visit their facility. Clear energy blocks and restore harmony for overall health and well-being. Recover your balance with a local, certified wellness professional and restore your energy flow.


Hand selected providers arrive anywhere for an on demand or scheduled appointment for makeup application, blow outs, eye lash extensions, manicures, spray tans and even Botox! Looking rejuvenated is simple and convenient in home, or indulge with a luxurious pampering by searching our directory for the nearest salon or day spa.


Acquire a holistic approach to focus on correcting health issues vs treating symptoms and masking the problem. Invite a Naturopathic Doctor in your home for a house call to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness or visit their facility for a complete high tech holistic solution to fit every patient needs.


Top notch fitness professionals delivered to your door! When your schedule changes or you're away from home, find a certified fitness professional that will accommodate you with a personalized, private workout or search our directory for fabulous promotions to the hottest workout spots nearby!


Time is always the one thing that gets in the way of choosing that perfect outfit! Now you don’t have to be a celebrity to hire a personal shopper or stylist on demand to select and deliver all your fashion needs directly to you! In addition we provide a directory to support local boutiques with generous promotions for you to feel glamours and look your best!


THRIVINU gives access to services in-home to circumvent any schedule constraints and provides a little personal time out of your crowded calendar.

Recovering from Surgery

Mobility issues for home-boound
individuals that are recovering
from surgery or the elderly.

Stressed Moms

Moms with young children
who can’t leave home easily,
are stressed out and stressed for time.


Executives who have a demand
for immediacy and expanded hours to work
around their busy lives and even more crowded calendar.


Athletes on the road who want an
opportunity for a private, personalized
workout with a guided, professional
far away from the noise and crowds of a gym.

Passionate wellness individuals

Individuals passionate about their wellness goals with
support and guidance from a like-minded community to stay motivated to look and feel their best.


Available in both Apple App Store and Google Play Stores.


Available in both Apple App Store and Google Play Stores.


Always be in the know on what is going on in the THRIVINU community!


We build this together! Let us know how we are doing or what we can improve.